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Plenty of Fish Review is a true internet dating site, comparable with many of the well-known and highly advertised websites out there except that this is a worldwide website.

It offers dating services and a whole lot more to men and women seeking same sex or heterosexual relationships.

The site claims to be superior to others in terms of its compatibility tools and personality tools used to help find closer matches based on personality and thought-process as opposed to just hobbies, interests and requirements.

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The site offers a number of tools to get members started on the path to find love or at least a fulfilling partnership. The tools are actually really interesting to use and along the way, you will find out a lot about yourself and where you have perhaps gone wrong in previous relationships.

For example, the "psychological assessment test" (the website have made a mistake calling it this, as it sounds a little scary) is a fun and interactive assessment of your natural instincts, views on life, things you find challenging etc; that make you who you are.

There is also a "relationship needs assessment" which analyses what it is you need and do not need from a relationship. Theses are great tools for a number of reasons. Members can discover for themselves what they really want out of the time investment they'll be outing into the site and the websites search engines will use this information to find highly compatible matches.

The relationship needs tool is a really strong indicator for achieving a successful relationship and it will highlight where members have gone wrong in choosing the "wrong" people for them in the past. The chemistry test is another tool that really helps to ascertain whether or not the person you have met through the site is likely to be a long-lasting companion.

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Aside from the tools, there is the usual profiling asking the usual questions on hobbies, interests and preferences; and every member has to upload a photo of themselves.

This is good in one way, as it means that members searching for profiles are guaranteed to be able to see an image of the person they are reading about. On the downside, for those wanting to get started and register, complete the various relationship assessment tools etc; they will need to organize a photo to upload beforehand which could be frustrating - not everyone has a great photo to pluck off their desktop!

So, the functionality of the website is superb and offers much more than most on the web currently in terms of tools, accuracy and a true dating service. However, the look and feel of the website is fairly poor. It appears to be of low budget, untidy with a very dated, basic look and presentation design. Despite this, navigation is easy; tabs are clearly labelled, there is plenty of information and access to pages before registering; and the speed of navigating through the site is quite fast.

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This is a fantastic site for individuals looking for a serious relationship, wanting to explore the innovative tools available. It is also user-friendly and un-intimidating, if not a little basic and rudimentary in terms of its design and layout. For those looking for a cleaner-looking site there are better sites out there but overall this site offers a great deal more than most and it is absolutely free to use.

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