How Dating works in Practice

It's simple. Rather than trying hundreds of sites to get a date and failing, Dating Friend has visited them and come up with a top five; in fact now a UK top 10. The list includes the most favourite free singles site and a few more that we recommend.

New Facebook Dating Services

The social networking site has effectively entered the realm of online dating. Although Facebook themselves off no specific service, many sites are offering services to help find a new partner.

The main advantage of Facebook is that you already have your profile active and 95%+ of users are real people. The disadvantages are that your friends may see your activity, so it's best to ensure you carefully manage your privacy settings.

The Tinder App Explained

Tinder has taken the dating world by storm. Tinder is an app downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play and offers an instant and fast interaction with others. It uses your Facebook profile and photographs to create information on your account.

Once active, it'll search for people you're interested in using your current location. Tinder is now the most popular dating service in the UK used daily by many millions of people.

The Traditional Websites

We have visited hundreds of singles websites to see what happens and have rated them based on price, ease of use, the likelihood of finding someone close to your requirements and customer services.

Just choose one from our homepage and sign up for free. Here are some dating site reviews to get you going:

These are all free to sign up for. provides three days free access for you and girls date for free is always free for the ladies.

With all sites, the idea is simple. You sign up (always for free) and create your unique online profile. You should then upload a few interesting photographs of yourself. A picture paints a thousand words, and these help prospective mates see who you are "in the flesh" as well as in your everyday life (such as at social gatherings or on holidays).

Your Profile

What you write about yourself is also important. Think about the types of people you want to contact you and what you would like to have in common such as interests and hobbies. It's best not to describe previous relationships you may have had as you don't want to put people off in contacting you.

You can also find ideas when searching online. We're sure you'll be put off by some people, perhaps their appearance or their profile summary, so that'll help hone yours perfectly. A great profile is there to entice others to contact you in the first place. Then it's up to you to communicate effectively!

Communicating With People

Once you've found a few people you like the look of, it's time to get in touch. Most of the websites have a simple messaging system, but some also offer instant chat that is a good way to break the ice.

Some sites can also guide you in what to say, but be careful and not simply cut and paste their suggestions otherwise you might not come across as genuine! And, they might have heard it from someone else already in any case.

Video chat is also becoming commonplace where you'll actually see the person live. When you meet for the first time, just ensure you choose a public place and tell someone where you're going. You should also take your mobile phone with you for your contacts. Above all play safe and have a good time.